Thursday, 23 October 2014

Book Review: A perfect Mismatch by LeenaVarghese

Hi All

Happy Diwali  to all.I Hope you all are enjoying Diwali  with your family and friends.

Last week I reluctantly   purchased  a Harlequin India Mills and Boons  Indian Author Collection book .A perfect Mismatch written by   Leena Varghese .I thought this would be like one of those books written by    Indian Author's  Like   Reet Singh  , Adite Banerjee, Tanu Jain etc.........which i have read  in the past . No doubt all the Indian Author 's write their books from the heart and do an incredible job  .But what can i say about myself i was a bit lazy to buy the book  and i thought it must  like any other Harlequin India   M&B IAC but to my surprise it turned out to be little different from other Harlequin India M&B IAC books which i have read so far
Actually i am book worm who reads a lot of books  especially Romance and it was right  time for me to purchase as online eCommerce stores gives us great discounts on books . After i PURCHASED the book i was so inquisitive  to know what  the book contained AS I WAS COMPLETELY IMPRESSED WITH COVER PHOTO  AND WAS ATTRACTED TOWARDS THE COVER  PHOTO   WHICH KEPT ON GRABBING MY  ATTENTION .

Once when i started reading it i couldn't keep the book down .

                          THE STORY  GOES LIKE THIS :
The story is about Armaan and  Zara  who had difficult childhood though having brought up in different backgrounds they can't trust each other  .Armaan who  is   averse to long term steady relations because of his father infidelity  and on the other hand Zara does not trust herself that she could look so  beautiful or attractive for others because she was orphan and not much   liked by   her aunt and sister  .But when the pressure comes from Armaan mother   they agree on short term  arranged match only to know they are made for each other  after full-fledged battle on their honeymoon   and could they go their fears  and let desires transform into love for ever kind

I like the story or plot very much because the two wonderful characters Armaan and Zara are stubborn and rebellious  in nature and was truly enjoyed by me . Their verbal argument  ,dialogues etc........ in each and every situation .Even though the story or plot is simple  .

The Author  has written very well , carefully crafted and weaved the main and supporting character's and situations (especially night after the party where Armaan feels Jealous  when he sees Zara talking  with some other guy ) in such a way   that keeps the reader engage till the end 
It feel real as if I were present there and Author Leena Varghese takes us to other world  through her books.

I  would give the debutant Author full marks   for giving us such a wonderful book .Hats off to you Author Leena Varghese   keep on writing like this and entertaining us  .

Thank you once again Leena  Varghese  for entertaining me with your wonderful work  .Its takes lots off effort to put your thoughts down on the page   and you do it effortlessly