Saturday, 31 January 2015

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This is emboss painting done by me .I  can't still forget that day when  I completed painting the vase full of flower painting in a day.
As I was searching for some gift for my mom  which I wanted give it to her on her birthday . This fellow who was hiding inside the  cupboard started staring at me and trying grab  my attention so that I do the needful by painting it within 1 day and that to  before 12 pm midnight  I started cursing myself  as to why I couldn't get this idea  before   .Even though  the October summer was at its  peak but some how I managed to buy sparkles colors to paint it  .This painting taught  me to  be patient and confident about things in life.
This painting is close to my heart.As of now this painting  has not yet got  its perfect place  but soon it will be found 

The Side Effects of Painting in day are 
1.your muscles will be knotted and you have do stretching exercise to remove those knots 
2.You will start feeling tired the next day

But you be happy with  whatever you have day .

And that day my mom was so happy to see it as the gift had come under her "Useful Resource Gift Category"

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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Wordy Wednesday#2 @ B-A-R

Picture Prompt Powered by Wordy Wednesday #2 a B-A-R  intiative
Picture Prompt by Shailaja V

This photo reminds me of the weapons used by  the warriors in war those days .But for me this  picture resembles great warriors who fought to protect  mother earth from the atrocities which she faced    .They got these kinds of weapons only  after praying and pleasing different gods and goddess.These Armours can't be possessed by all the kings as only few kings who possess great valor along with love for his kingdom and his subject can  have /possess it  .These are special weapons given by Sun god to those kings who respect humanity and to  establish righteness

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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

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#Monday Musing# Writing Prompt #Are you an artist ----A letter to your self

Dear Self,

Hi How r u?Hope you are in pink of Heath .I don't know much about you but I know that you have more creative abilities than others in  the family .Though you are multi -faceted person ,but humble at heart which most people like it

I know that your trying hard to become a well know writer and artist but don't give up hope so easily as you are few steps away from being a successful writer and a brilliant artist.

Arre self,I have come to know from the close sources that you had decorated earthen lamps by using  paint during Diwali last year  is it true ?If yes then I must say you are great or resourceful..Good to see that your are  getting developed in many ways .Honestly self I am highly impressed by the way you have progress despite the odds I am sure you will make your family proud of your achievements in the chosen field .

I am so happy for you today that you are following your heart and sometimes following your heart will give setbacks but you don't loose the faith in yourself 

Oh dear self,don't give up Faith as it gives Hope to live life

Self you are beautiful in every way .
Your Goodness can't be seen by everyone

Your fragrance  spreads through my body everywhere
 But No one cares to smell  through in ever present  senses

You are the flower of my life
That makes children jump in delight 

You are the sun light in my parents life
Without you they wouldn't have come alive 

Oh dear Self you are joy and happiness in other's life 
So feel contented 

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Monday, 26 January 2015

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First-A-Fall I like to wish  you all a Very Happy Republic day  Prompts are fun to write especially picture prompts as it gives rises to your out -of box creative thinking .
This Prompt  is provided by the writersezine .com. It is  mind -blowing and really well -thought prompt on the topic 'Sun'which I haven't given the due importance till date to it as I see the sun rising and setting everyday  .

But today   this prompt got me thinking on what should  I write on  this as  the picture can be described in my ways 

So let's start with it ,for me this picture resembles India's condition. Even though it is shinning but it isn't shinning that brightly like it should  be.This is because of  people of the country disrespect ,ill-treat ,humiliate and hurt women in various forms  and this is seen and witnessed by the sun every day 

The Sun fell so ashamed to see this happening everyday as he has seen  men treating women with respect and their mutual love for each other since yugas though they had to  go through the fire test and other such test but they weren't treated like this so in grief he called out to tree which stood there feeling helpless at the current scenario of women of this country .It expressed it's grief by dancing angrily and by shedding its leaves and by pushing the birds down so that people of this country (especially Men folks)  realize it's unhappiness . But all it's  effort went  in vain 

Looking at pitiable sight of the tree he patted the tree and hugged the tree consoling it .Seeing this sight 5year old twin girls Sahithya and Niharika  started laughing aloud looking at them and they sang 
                      Oh my dear nature lovers ,
                      Look at the  natural actors"------------(1)

                    As they Conspire against us ,
                    To Inspire us ,
                   So that We can Aspire ----------------(2)
    Hearing these poetic words .They both looked down wiping their tears .Oh divine children don't you know  the condition of women in India .Ha ha is this statement coming from the great 
suryaprakash .They asked him mocking "What have you done to protect us" hearing this statement from them . They felt ashamed of themselves as they weren't able to protect the country  It not only about women but  about the entire human community where good people go on  suffering and bad people like criminals ,rowdies and politicians who eat the wealth of nation  get the required   boost to do wrong things  .
There are murders happening around on the grounds of property dispute , on being exposed and other trivial issues .It is happening because of  human beings have become greedy animals  and animals have become humans ... so nobody in this country cares for each other because of this .

Oh Brightest Warrior Sun and Patiently Powerful Tree don't Grieve for these  people who don't understand .Even though your brightness might have lessen and yours leaves might have withered.The people of this country  are selfish and for their selfish needs they would  hurt you by  cutting you off so stop feeling  sorry for them and just do your duty by protecting the good  people against the cruel people of the world .Giving this knowledge to the sun and the tree .The two divine girl's Sahithya and Niharika disappeared from there giving JayaSonaa a shock of her life as she left home to live with boyfriend against her parents wishes as they wanted to protect her from wises of world even though they knew that her boyfriend was good man but who know's what will happen to her as time can change anyone at any point of life  .Its only on  hope that we are  living in  this country ,She thought wearily .

On the way back home she stooped near a tree and asked the sun the  following question  

Prostration to the mighty  sun
Oh the  ever shinning golden  ladoo,
Please tell the secret of your brightness(3)

Oh dear  young maiden 
Oh dear beautiful princess,
Answer lies within your beautiness (4)

The mighty warrior stood up 
Like a Lightening he roared,
Like a Thunder he stormed 
Like a child he played 
And bystander he witnessed everything (5)

Laughing at him 
Tree Shook happily
Danced Merrily and gleefully
Birds sang chirpily and flew cheerfully----- (6) 

As the realization dawned  
JayaSonaa bubbled 
And Thanked them----(7)

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Sunday, 25 January 2015

Wordy Wednesday # 1 at B-A-R

#WW at B-A-R!

This is first sentence prompt  for B-A-R. I feel excited to be a part of  this prompt.Thank you B-A-Rand its member for taking such an initiative 

The First Sentence Prompt  this  Wednesday is What is it that I really want to say?

           True meaning of life

Once upon a time there lived a couple who  had the good fortune to  have a cock that which laid a golden eggs every day. Luck favored them and  they become rich overnight , soon they started  to think they were not getting rich fast enough. Because of their Greediness to become rich faster .
As they imagined that if the bird is be able to lay golden eggs, its insides must be made of gold. And they thought that if they could get all that precious metal at once, they would become  mighty rich . So they decided to kill the cock
However, after  cutting the cock  open, they were shocked to find that its inwards were like that of any other cock!
Though the Kiddies story seems to familiar but the stories us how live life in true sense of perception    What is it I want to say is? that we often forget our really nature and we act impulsively in various ways like "In a situation where you don't like the person who happens to be your uncle's friend , you try avoid him  but you forced to sit opposite of him and when he makes a point you impulsively hurt his feeling by  using hurtful words which he might have not expected ,you did it because you wanted get rid of him "or "May be your boss in office shouted at you while coming home seeing you son dropping sometime you impulsively react towards him which might affect his/her mental health"

These are just few example but one thing What is it I want really say is ?again that please don't be greedy to  reach heights by pushing others down or impulsively react  that will make you regret the rest of your life so do  Think before  you Act

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Sharing: Continuation of the post dated on 22-01-2014

Hi Y'all
Good Evening

I hope you all are enjoying your 
Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnndayyyyyyyyy lazing around with your family ,friends ,kids and children of different size . On Thursday I shared with you all a link of fabulous story written by my dear FB friend Sid Balachandran ,"Isn't it guys, Sleeping or What ?"then please respond don't brood over  future planes getting disturb as tomorrow is republic day.
Happy Republic Day in Advance  to all 

Continuation of the Thursday's post:

Please Read Part 2 of 'The Escape' story written by Sid Balachandran

Here is the link for it :

And Please Read the Part 3 of 'The Escape' story written by Sid Balachandran because it is dam interesting 

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But before you read these parts 2 &3  please read my previous post for the part 1 of the story 'The Escape'and to know about the author 

Have a Great Evening 

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#Saturday Writing Prompt Powered by Write

                                        #Saturday Writing Prompt#

                         My Writing Resolution 

Is that I should be able to write ,write and write stories to become a great writer and it is my firm conviction that when you have a passion something  .You have to do it full devotion like when we stand in front of lord with closed eyes with all our energy focused we ask  him to give us something explicit to our needs and requirements with earnest otherwise it is of no use  .

Another resolutions is that I should be able write  short stories on my  blog with great drive and enthusiasm every day so that I reach target of writing 50 stories this year 

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PS: Oh My god!! Write Tribe .com What a prompt ,your this prompt got me thinking .Even though it is a difficult topic to write .I think that I could manage to write within limited for person like me you has habit of writing pages after pages

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Relationships - A Poem

Relationships are like Silk Threads,
That should be woven carefully ,
Until it  comes in a proper shape.------(1)

Relationships are like a glass jars,
If you put pressure on it ,
It would break into million  of pieces ,
And that would hurt us invariable. ---------(2)

Relationships are fragile ,
Don't hurt or abuse it ,
But enjoy  it.-------------(3)

Relationships are like birds in the sky,
Meant to fly,
Some may fly  high and some may fly low ,
But they aren't  meant to be  treated low ,
Or to be left behind.-------------(4)

Relationships are like lovers,
To be loved and cared ,
To be nurtured and preserved -------(5)

Relationship are like husband and wife ,
They fight and  cuddle,
Only to make it  strong .
So as to make it worthy of living -------------------(6)

Relationships are like a banyan tree,
Which gives us Shade ,
In our Happiness and Sadness--------(7).

Relationship are like  sand castles,
It is very difficult to protect from the waves of life ,
But  we can be rebuild it.
With lots of love and patience. ---------------(8)

Relationships are like flowers ,
That Spread fragrance everywhere,
And  they are not  meant  to  be crushed cruelly,
As It  gives us the true meaning of life to live .---------(9)

With Lots of Love and Hugs
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