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Hetal's Love for Fool Me Twice a Wow Prompt

Dhara! Dhara! Dhara!
Don't fool me twice like this,
It is not good for your health oh miss.
Life fools me twice,
Because I trusted you as you are wise,
But today you seem to behave in a way too otherwise.
Hetal is fool,
You taught computer to her grandfather Rishi the cool,
Her boyfriend did not love her as she was pure like   a Yamuna river

Oh I am big fool to not polish the brass vessel grandfather grumbled,
Raj and Hetal stumbled over an old photo,
After the brass vessel was kept aside.
They try to find joy by sitting beside each other.

Grandfather who sees them shouts at his man servant,
Hearing the voices we ran inside to see what is the matter,
Only to find 'Ma' and 'Grandma' making butter,
So when Raj went out for getting some fresh mutter.
Grandfather roars and asks him "When will he propose his granddaughter ",
In shock we babbled,
Putting a cake in my mouth Ma mumbled the word 'double',
Getting a diamond ring from her grandfather Raj looked troubled.
As he felt lowered as he had being totally flattered.
Hetal is a fool who was scared of Fool me twice syndrome.
As her heart mattered the most to him but his soul starts jumping to the beats of the doal.

Looking at Shreya eyes he fumbles a diamond ring and says "I love you fooleshwari",
Fool me twice! Fool me twice! You have fooled my heart Shreya,
But still he yearns to listen to her laya.

Shreya hearing this hugs him with delight,
As her hands play flute with all her might,
Because she sees Hetal sitting on her right with her eyes filled warm light.
Sensing her trouble he sings these lines,
Fool Me Twice! Fool Me Twice!
Where is my life?
As I wish to spread joy and happiness through my beautiful wife.

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Saturday, 30 May 2015

Book Review of Unexpected Valentine by Summerita Rhyane

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Burb :

Unexpected Valentines is a collection of short romantic reads.

Love can be found at the most unexpected places, with unlikely people. Your heart might be searching for love but when love finally hits, it shies away from committing.
What are the barriers that keep two people away, even when perfect love is just within reach?
Explore the ways love can be discovered. Celebrate romance with this quick read ideal for romance fiction lovers.

Stories in this collection:

Unexpected Valentine
The Magic within
Love at loggerheads
Chained to Shadows
Right or Wrong
Coffee and Clashes
Hooded Desire

Book Review :

The book Unexpected Valentines .I received  in a give-away  hosted by  the author on her blog .Thank you Summerita Rhayne for the same .This book is close to heart .There are 10 stories in this book .All the stories are unique in itself .Some stories are quiet sensuous , some are sweet, some are simple and some are sober.
This book explores romance beyond lust and also emphasis that love can happen to anyone and anywhere .It is not necessary that people of similar thinking only can fall in love. But people with different thinking and attitude can also get attracted to each other. Summerita has written this book very well capturing each and every emotion in a systematic way keeping the readers hooked to her writing.
 Summerita thank you for writing such wonderful stories and sharing it with the world.
This is my unbiased review for Unexpected Valentines a book by Summerita Rhayne.

 About the author

Summerita Rhayne writes sensual romance with emotional conflict. She took up writing when she was in her late thirties and hasn't looked back since. She first got published in 2013 and has won contests with Harlequin and Harper Collins India. Writing, she finds, is the only way to deal with the numerous story ideas bubbling in her brain which pop up more rapidly than her keyboard can do justice to. Especially when writing time is in short supply while juggling it with a job and the demands of a family. However, her pet belief is that a story and its characters have a life of their own and will find a way to make the writer pen them down. What else can one do when cerebrally confronted with the sizzling interaction of two Alpha characters? 

She prefers to call her books sweet and sensual to denote the slowly deepening relationship between the characters.

She loves winding down with music, movies and social networking.

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Friday, 29 May 2015

A Short Story on Sacrifice and Gratitude for Write Tribe Festival Word #4

Rishi and Rimy are best friends, they have their own set of dreams and their parents want to leave the building which breaks their friendship.
Today Rishi is a great cricket and Rimy a great stage artist .One day their parents decide to get them engaged they do not wish to get entangled in a relationship as they have their own set of egos.

One day out of anticipation a little boy comes towards Rishi and asks " Uncle what is the time", 9 o clock Rishi responds The little boy runs towards his and his best friend Apsara's hand by making her walk properly Apsara a 2 year old girl had some problem but no one knew about it as the little boy treat her like a normal girl and plays with her like a normal kid and dreams with her like a true friend without discouraging her.

Seeing this slight Rishi's eyes fills up with tears and is speechless as he being alright could not understand Rimy and vice versa.
But out of the blue one day Rishi asks the boy his name "What is your name child" Mannan comes a prompt response  as he see Apsara is building castle with him, what does your family do? Rishi enquires. Looking at him Mannan says 'Go and ask them no?' and you why are creating diversion Rimy? He shouts at her with a mild irritation. Feeling awkward he gets up and goes to find 'Who is his mother'. After searching for the person he finally spots her. Suddenly seeing the person he feels 200 waltz shocks. It is none other than his ex childhood girl friend Shreya who used to come to his dressing room and ask for an autograph just for her friend sake and one day while she asks for autograph he gets angry .He punishes her by having sex with her as he had been driven by passionate which resulted this .Shreya why you did tell me about the child........sorry my child after I had punished you with my passionate kisses? Rishi questions her.

Shreya looks   far away from him and says "Because you do not respect any simple and special women's feelings" and calls out for Mannan and Apsara.
After her parents convince her , Rimy gets ready for the engagement with Rishi but Rishi on contrary does not get ready for it as his mind is filled with only one thought that how unjust he has been towards Shreya ?.Err Rimy......I am going to cancel this engagement as I am ready for this. It is because of that Mannan right Rimy shouts at him.
'Yes 'Rishi says and makes a statement that Mannan is my son and if anybody tries to harm him. I will surely take care of him in my style, hearing this everyone is in state of shock .Mannan and Apsara's friendship grows up with time.
Mannan becomes a star Indian cricketer and with his backing Apsara becomes a super model from a darpok Bhili. The season, waves and life changes for both. Suddenly people start accusing Mannan's batting life up and that forces him leave Indian cricket forever which he does happily and takes up teaching which he has been longing to do. Apsara eventually gives up modelling when she does not get his glimpse .Slowly she also quiets modelling career and join Mannan's bandwagon.

  He hears this news. Rishi laughs at her and says "Childhood is the best part of our life "and our Mannan has taught the true meaning of sacrifice in the real sense thus saying so he turns his head towards Shreya and kisses her forehead .Hugging her he expresses his gratitude towards Shreya for being patient with him and life and starts playing with his grandchild Padma who comes along with her grandma while they enjoy the victory of Mannan's life.

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Self Realisation @Five Sentence Prompt

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Trish and Limy are best friends, they have their own set of dreams and their parents want to leave the building which breaks their friendship.

Today Rishi is a great cricket and Limy a great stage artist .One day their parents decide to get them engaged they do not wish to get entangled in a relationship as they have their own set of egos.

One day out of anticipation a little boy comes towards Trish and asks " Uncle what is the time", 9 o clock Trish responds The little boy runs towards his and his best friend Sara's hand by making her walk properly Sara a 2 year old girl had some problem but no one knew about it as the little boy treat her like a normal girl and plays with her like a normal kid and dreams with her like a true friend without discouraging her.

Seeing this slight Trish's eyes fills up with tears and is speechless as he being allright could not understand Limy and vice versa.

But out of the blue one day Rishi asks the boy his name "What is your name child" Mannan comes a prompt response  as he see Sara is building castle with him, what does your family do? Trish enquires, looking at him Mannan says 'Go and ask them no?', and you why are creating diversion  Limy? he shouts at her with a mild irritation .

Lillie McFerrin Writes

This story I have written for Five sentence prompt

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Thursday, 28 May 2015

Wordless Wednesday #86@ Abaracadabra

When I was reading a fairy tale book for children published by Shree Publication Mumbai.I came across a story of a poor fisherman and the golden babies  .The picture of the golden babies  caught my attention as the  babies looked  so cute and the speaking  fish looked  quiet beautiful  with soft and smooth golden  Finns.

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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Fearful Love@ Write Tribe Festival of Words#4 Day 2

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There are lots of fear and phobias  which cannot be easily got over .But the constant effort will help us  over come this .I always love to read Harivansh Rai Bacchans poems over Premchand sad stories as they are inspire me  to live life to the fullest . Though Premchand was a brilliant writer but he only wrote sad stories that will make you feel dull. I will share a real incident with you   through a short story.
Few days ago Trisha meets a couple in matrimonial offices when she was passing by from there.
'Hello Auntie 'Trisha said .Then after a while when she did not get the desired reply. What's the matter with auntie uncle? She enquires having teasing looks on my face. Enough! Trisha I do not wish to answer any of questions she said sternly and leaves the place by hiring a rick. How rude Trisha wonders? As Trisha could not understand anything from the way she behaved. Sensing her  trouble Raj  takes her  calmly hands in his hands and says "It's matrimonial fear which parents go through" .When they have  to find a 'Proper Match' for their sons and daughters and this auntie's elder has married somebody from out .Meaning......................? Trisha asks him. Meaning ....someone not belonging to his/her community .Oh! That means love Trisha says quiet enthusiastically. But he keeps quiet and says "It is fearful love". Fearful love...? Trisha asks with her eyebrows raised. Chalo I will speak to you on this topic over a cup of tea Raj says in his classy style. Trisha and Raj went to a hotel and luckily get a seat in secluded area to sit and have our tea with Raj giving gyaan on fearful love she thought mindfully .As they were entering Raj reads the name of hotel .The name of hotel was 'The Matches Hotel'. How apt the word is they thought to themselves and get themselves settled down. Raj places order for some snacks for both and starts imparting knowledge on Fearful love.
Dear Trisha,

I know that auntie was being  quiet rude to you only  because she does not want to let  her second son be trapped by the prowess women who can  make an man to her tunes  like the eldest one .It is this fear that has made irritable and agitated with the way her life is shaping .As the eldest daughter -in -law has made her servant of house .She fears  that her second daughter in law will get all the wrong info about her .It's in a way correct .In today where women and men are walking shoulder  to shoulder with a lot of expectations from other party so both of them will have behave properly  other you know ....court room drama.Another fear which most men and women have is how could I live with a stranger all through his/her life? Even though parents give them time .So in order to escape the tortures of an arrange marriage they try to lie or fall in love in someone whom they like. But once they come to know their family have half hearted  accepted them then they will term as "Love" and  will create  such a spur about it in Social media's that will make others believe that they  could  also  have  their share of office romances or building romances but in fact it is other way round ..It is guilty consciously or fear that kills the person ability to think and create peace around us. If our mind is not at rest are creativity is weekend. Understood Trisha madam so do not hurt yourself by rewinding and remembering  whatever the auntie expressed or said .

Oh I see it's a vicious like this no 
1 . Marriage 
2.  A parents Fear about getting a proper match for his/her sons and daughters
3.   Youth out fears of living with a complete stranger throughout their entire life (fear of              something)
4.   They marry  a person whom they like despite the fact that their parents half hearted accepted them That makes them feel guilty of their actions.
5.Showing off

Yes he says and drops Trisha home .Remember Trisha always be happy and contented with ever you have and desperation for something will leave no where dear  Raj says as he open the door of his car for her. Her nodes feeling satisfied with his gyaan on the subject of 'Fearful Love'

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Tomatoes that sang a song@ Wordy Wednesday #2

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Shree  beta give me  10 tomatoes from the plastic bag which I have left in living room Anjou shouts from kitchen .Yes Ma bringing an army of tomatoes for you. Staring at the kitchen 's platform Anjou mind goes back Andy's  words "I do not love you cribbing women, as you are not like my first love .The love which I  have scarified for our families unity sake is far superior than you Anjou and please do not expect my apologises or sorry for this act".  'Ma' Shree voice gets  her back  to the present scenario .What are going make out of these tomatoes .Let see  Anjou says and starts her search for the required ingredients. The array of tomatoes speaks  amongst themselves  and sings
 "The man of the house is totally heartless.His life is totally worthless, As he has broke the heart of mistress".
Hearing the song sung by the tomatoes   with tears Anjou eyes  she mercilessly squeezes  them in the frying pan till they shrink to death as she feels  hopeless living for a person who does care.

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Monday, 25 May 2015

Ash's Hidden Talent @Write Tribe Festival of Words#4

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Create! Create! Create! Create!
What could I create Ash thought as his teacher Radha miss writes the word C.R.E.A.T.E on the board in big block letter and turns her head towards the class to see how many of them have got started with it .Being a Primary teacher always has been Radha's dream which has come true only a few months ago when her son Ash started going to a new school.  The class start their work on the word 'C.R.E.A.T.E'. She feels satisfied when she gets the panoramic   view of her class from her place where she is sitting and correcting the work books of the children of her class. All of sudden her eyes goes out to the figures that are patting her arms .She looks and see Ash standing there  .Without a word he keeps the book on the table and goes  back to his seat. Few minutes later she just takes a glance of what he has written.
Ash writes a poem to his super heroic teacher cum mom. Radha reads the lines

O my dear boring teacher,
You are a special creature,
Whose main intention is to have some adventure?
By writing the word C.R.E.A.T.E and telling us to draw or write something on this,
My poor fellow mate have already started drawing something but my head and heart are not cooperating with each other  and are fighting like jokes,
But I can't shed tears as I will be considered as a loser by all in class,
So sorry Radha miss I do not know what to write and create as others are drawing the same thing which I wanted to do.

So this is what I wanted tell you through these lines .Please forgive .As I do not know what to create on such a wonderful and beautifying topic like this.

After reading this she sheds tears of joy as Ash her son has unknowingly created an adorable  poem  which is tough for his age .Blinking back her tears she corrects his book and gives him a star and a 'Very Good' remark in his book and calls outs  for books from the rest of class. Buck up children! Quick! I have to correct your books and give it back to you as exams are right round the corner .Fast Fast come on she gets up from the sit and takes the books away from them for correction .All have done pretty good drawings she mutters to herself but Ash lines makes her smiles while correcting other children's book and giving them respective stars and remarks.
One hour later when Ash sees his books .His eyes shines in wonder and looks at his teacher. Radha miss gives a warm smiles and leaves for the other class.
In the night after everyone goes off to sleeps he hugging his mother asks "What did find creative in the lines written". To this  his mother replies it is the way a teacher looks at her students efforts and tugs  him on his  side of the bed by   switching  off the wall lamp  and sleep besides having a contented look on her face .

This post is an tribute to all my English teachers who taught me  the art of creativity in my high school days.

With lots of Love and Hugs 

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Sunday, 24 May 2015

At First Sight


At First Sight,
I see him alight me,

I feel love at first sight having a cuppa of tea.

At First Sight,
His lips touches my stomach,
My minds revolves in a mirth.

At First Sight,
My hands goes head to pull him back to the bed,
As my hands wide open  embraces him making go red.
At First Sight,
He pulls me into him kissing me mindlessly he looks at me tenderly,.
Making me feels mushy about his kisses that are  so dear.

At First Sight,
We enjoy each others warmth,
That makes people see with earth.

At First Sight
I gasp his name 'Avinash,
My heart clasp in his Nasha,
My minds feels like it is in mid of some Tamasha.

At First Sight,
He laugh at me with lots of mischief playing in his eyes,
Mocking in frustration my hands go out in search for some mango slice.

At First Sight,
He disappears from the my sight into vast ocean,
My heart yearns for you Roshan,
My soul spits a trunk full of emotion.
And when I come near you I feel my heart would burst in exasperation.
For you left me and your darling daughter's without any explanation.

It was at first sight I gave up my soul for you but it is not last sight for loving you like the way do did then with me .My love for you is forever until I breath my last.

Disclaimer: I wrote this  keeping my best friend's love story in my mind .Which is apt for this prompt powered by

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