Monday, 29 June 2015

Fallen Tree and Relation Mended @ # Monday Musing powered by Write

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Rids sees a tree fallen in the college building and sings
"Seeing you I grew up,
Danced like never before hiding behind you,
Sang inspiring songs that came out of my mouth,
Oh boy! When I toy seeing you lying like this,
My heart cries out trying to revive you up,
As you were the one who used to protect me from the other wises of the world
Hail in peace oh dear friend my soul mate".

Reading these lines her professor Simi felt tears trickle down her eyes. The professor patted her and said "Rids my child well done I am proud these lines are wonderful from where drawn inspiration". Rids did not utter anything and asked her teacher some water to drink .Professor  being observant gives her water and walks away from the spot to cheek others work. After a while she comes out of class and informs her husband Mr. Vivek Anand regarding his daughter dark mood as Simi is her step mother.
Mr. Vivek Anand who is in office feels tired of Rids mood swing and decides put her in a hostel forever. Once on reaching home he sees his daughter nowhere around the house and the building   he sees Rids sitting next to the fallen tree as if it was her soul mate.
This made him realize that his marriage to Simi should have been secondary as his daughter rids well -being always comes first. But whatever has happened is happened now he could change anything .As change has made Rids more sober and   which he dislikes.

Days passed by making Rids warily of everything around him .One day out of blue she announced that she has got a job in the forest ministry in Delhi and so....her family could live happily as she did not want see Simi who has replaced her natural stuff like flowers, leaves and shells with artificial flowers, leaves and shell which Rids hates.
Rids went through this happily as she did wish to trouble her father. Rids father comes to know about Simi's behaviour through her other professors and students of the Mug college   which he did not come know via Rids.

As the days got nearer she missed her father's hugs a lot .The day of departure   to Delhi arrived she along with her suitcases and air bag waited to see her Pa. Mr. Vivek Anand could not be seen around and with a heavy heart she felt home .While car driver driving her car suddenly takes a U turn and stops at place familiar to her. "Driver why did you stop hears "Rids questioned him.
He removes   his white cap, unbuttons his over coat jacket slowly and turns himself entirely having a smile on his face.
Pa...... She shouts and hugs him tightly in disbelief as Mr Vivek Anand is ever growing tree of her life that which can not fade away so easily.


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Sunday, 28 June 2015

Neeta's wishes----- #100 words on Saturday powered by Write

Neeta has a birth defect .She is differently able but a beautiful looking   lady which makes her unique from the rest of the crowd. Her biological clock is ticking .Neeta family is worried about her marriage. She wishes that she should get normal guy. But will she get it is big question in her family's mind. Neeta is determined that she will   marry a guy who is normal and to a person who accepts her whole heartedly. Her family gets tired of telling her to do little compromises in this regard. But she does not accepts it instead She asks her mother" tumare bhagvan kucch sunta hai kya? ".

To get Neeta married off to some guy her mother makes garland for Lord. Only to find Neeta crying in front of infant lord Krishna and questions his leela. Neeta's mother tries to coax her but Neeta looks at her mother and says "Good whatever you want". These words of Neeta hurt her mother. But what about the Neeta's wishes hmm? How will Neeta get it?.From here the journey beings of finding new hopes and spirits 

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Breathless am I-----A poem for Wow Prompt.

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  Breathless am I ,

When I see him smile ,

A smile that takes me  miles away .

Breathless am I,

When I see him dancing around the trees,

Thinking I will be jealous of humming Bees.

Breathless am I ,

Seeing the kids jump in delight like frog,

Fear creeps in my heart when I see tiny tots playing like flies in glee.

Breathless am I ,

When I see people judge a person's attitude with an invisible balance,

He sees me with a   impossible challenge that  which  I can see dancing through  his eyes.

Breathless am I,

When I see the breathtaking beauty of the mountains clad with glaciers,

It bring tears in my eyes dear without even using glycerine.

Breathless am I ,

When I get such wonderful prompts from ,

As they bring out  the future poet William worth out of me .

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Saturday, 27 June 2015

The waves

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Zia looks outside her eyes totally immersed in his beauty .Jim buries his eyes into eyes and smiles at her."Hey gorgeous how are you ".The husky dusky voice undid her and staring at bare chest Zia wishes that she could touch him. Trying to distract herself from the need she gets up from the chair and shows him a paper. Seeing the paper he says June adaptive ...His Beautiful June born in  the rains of Delhi  is finally getting adapted to the sandy beaches of Goa ...
'Sighing 'Jim calls out  for  June  his dancing  beauty who is  enjoying her swim.
"Be adaptive like a child in all situations is good for one's heath" his friend's wise words ring his heart whenever he sees Zia. Zia the girl whom he hated from the bottom of his heart is now his life without her life cannot be colourful. June lets go home! Jim exclaims looking at his daughter who is engrossed in her play. Lifting June up playfully he goes back home only to see a huge wave coming towards the shore with a great gusto but the wave loses his magnitude when touches the shore as it gives a huge hug to the wave.
Seeing this he remembers Zia's unconditional love and support which she showers on him every day. June slips off Jim's shoulders and jumps in joy as her mother Zia has baked their favourite strawberry cake.

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Spotlight of Dove's Lament by Kirthi Jayakumar



The haunting images of people falling dead, as the flames of life were extinguished in a puff of smoke, danced before my eyes. I wanted to run.I wanted to shout. I wanted the pain coursing through my veins to end in a deafening blast. I wanted the dead back. The silence around was too loud for me. I couldn’t cope. Slowly, my dead-still surroundings started stirring and I became aware of the voices around me … some begging for mercy … some calling out to their loved ones … and what seemed perhaps, newly orphaned children crying piteously. I heard Death’s cape swish and flap in the sick winds that Murder blew. Images of corpses with a permanent scream locked into their faces were etched in my memory forever.

‘Habimana, Habimana, are you one of those faces?’ No!
It cannot be.
Pain shot up my left arm.
I fell back in a stupor.
Habimana … I know you are not dead … I will find you,
wherever you are …
Blood dripped somewhere.

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About The Author

Kirthi Jayakumar is an writer, artist, activist and lawyer based out of Chennai, India. She is the founder of The Red Elephant Foundation and the A38 Foundation of International Law. Driven by the goals of peace and equality, Kirthi indulges in different mediums to express her dreams for the world around her. An optimist by ideology, an idealist by thought, a humanist by religion and an equal-ist by tionality, Kirthi is a global citizen. Her first book, Stories of Hope, earned her a nomination as one of among six Indian authors to watch out for, alongside the likes of Devdutt Pattanaik and Lavanya Sankaran.

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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Pride Goeth A Fall ------ Wordy Wednesday #4- June 2015 @B-A-R

Wow Candle Rani today you seem to so happy! The table exclaimed . Mr.Rajeev Sharma is going on blind date with Lolita yaar and so... you being so happy to see him change like this after separating him from his wife Candle Rani not done the table says this in matter of fact tone " Don't take pride in whatever you have or do"the table forewarns her.
Rajeev enters his empty house he feels bad for his behaviour towards his wife  just because she touched the raw hurt which his exes had given him.
Staring at the  beautiful candle  which is lit on the table.Rajeev bangs the table  hard and suddenly sees the light and fan getting switched  on and hears a voice at door that criticize him for irresponsible behaviour .Looking at his annoyed wife's facial expressions who is fed up with  his  moody swings he smiles at her in contentment and pleads for forgiveness for his rotten behaviour  .She forgives him by taking  the candle lamp away from the table so as to serve him  his  favourite  hot  vegetable biryani  chaval . Few minutes later the table feels happy that Candle Rani's pride is tarnished as his head is garnished with Rajeev's favourite food items. 

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Monday, 22 June 2015

An Artistic Relationship between Mother and Daughter


OMG Ma are you artist! I exclaimed coming out of hotel room. Sahithya smiled at her and says yes with a blush sufficing on her cheeks. While I started walking back home she sends an email to me. That email read somewhat like this "Till today nobody has treated me  with such a normalcy  like you .Thank you  for that and haan I will make you like me in the sense that I will groom you  , make you a successful writer , authoress and artist like me ".So be ready for that. Reading the last lines I feared a lot as to how I will be able to cope up with a super duper person's training. But at the same time one more thought crossed through my mind is that 'Do not leave such a superb that will make you a superstar overnight.

'Sam  wake up beta ' my  mother  shouts at me .Rubbing my eyes I wake up from the pleasant dream which I see early in the morning   to face new challenges that  life throws at me every day . Slowly I wake to see my legs in pool of red paint bucket ....that falls on the ground   by making the floor dirty .Seeing this my mother shouts at me for being  such an irresponsible idiot ....I keep my email aside and walk away from that  place .
 I am Sam a celebrated artist, writer and authoress Sahithya's daughter whose life is superficial. As  I do not who am I  because the worlds has accepted me as the celebrated  Sahithya's   daughter  who is going  groom me and teach me the art of creative writing .Hmm what sort of coincidence  and situation  god has put me in I wonder ...Sam  my mother   calls me from behind. I turned my face towards her to give her a piece of my mind. Suddenly seeing her smile like a sunflower my heart jumps in joy .As  today she has  behaved  truly like a real caring  parent to her carefree child I thought when she hugged me and said "Child you are the best product of my being ".

This story I have written for #Monday Musing
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Sunday, 21 June 2015

My City by me powered by Wow Prompt

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My city by me  is like a beautiful garden,
Full of roses here and there,
That makes me sing ' Tum Mile toh jeena aagaya'.

My city by me  is like a  life swing,
High and tides in our lives opens up a new wing,
Wings of heart yearns for his glimpse.

My city by me is like a  lovers paradise,
Guys and girls wander here and there in delight,
Seeing this make me wonder what does 'saccha pyaar reallymean'.

My city by  me is like children's playground,
Dirt and dust are their best friends,
Watching them skies express their happiness by pouring heavily.

My city by me is like  being myself ,
Determination and dedication is all a new component,
As I see the city today through the glass plains my heart feels in delight because it has given everything for me to enjoy.

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His Beauty @#100 words on Saturday prompt by Write Tribe .com

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Here  there   he looked feeling very vulnerable
Hands shivered  as he looked at her,
Because her heart is pure full of goodness,
Coming too close to her is a crime.

As she is his sunshine,
Crystal Clear are her looks,
Transparent is her hearts that hooks his image.

Touching his cheeks for the first time,
Soft warms hands makes his heart jump in delight,
That  makes his protective instincts mightier.

Without a word he stares,
As unknown joy crosses over him,
Seeing her cry  his heart twist.

With mirthful eyes,
He says "Hey Sona I love dear "

That  cheers her up .

Today being with her makes him feels like Angels can fly because they take themselves so lightly.

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Saturday, 20 June 2015

In life be like a happy man and Daya bhabhi of Tarak Mehta ka Ooltha Chasma fame


Beta why  don't do Yoga ?.Kavita asks.
Ma......please  I  am busy these day you know so lets have an argument over this topic  later hmm...Navvya says with mild irritation building in her.
Kavita making a grumpy face goes out of her room and starts searching for  her husband in order throw her frustration on him which Navvya's father is well aware of and in order to escape her  constant bickering against his daughter he jogs  a mile extra daily in the  nearby joggers park.

Navvya and her parents live in posh located which has a  huge joggers park.It is so nice to see and feel the cool breeze whistling into ears.One day while Kavita and her husband are walking they see Navvya playing football with her friends and going some asana's with them.Seeing this sight Kavita gets shocked and in bewilderment she blink her eyes as  she felt she is dreaming with her open eyes. Looking into her husband's  eyes she asks "What Jadoo you did " she question . 
What Jadoo  I  did not do anything regarding this and any-ways our  daughter is responsible girl so stop worrying about her health and career Kavita! He exclaims and joins his friends to do some  Yoga asanas.
Kavita while jogging she sees her daughter laugh as remembers Navvya's words  "Ma  in life be like a happy man and Daya bhabhi of Tarak Mehta ka Ooltha Chasma  fame then only we can live a healthy smiling life these exercises give temporary relief to our bodily pain but laughter not only removes fat but also makes our body energetic isn't it ?" .

Finally leaving a satisfied sigh she sits on the park bench and  sees the beautifying nature  which mists her eyes.As her wishes are answered .

Happy International Yoga day to All 

Be Happy Be Healthy.

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Friday, 19 June 2015

Ryan's Anger

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Ritz and Ryan see the children playing in the garden they wonder where their bacchapan went. Ritz smiles at his words and says "Chalo lets do some art work". Ryan nodes and joins her while doing the art work Ritz sees Ryan engrossed in painting and slashing red colour on him that makes him angry .Ryan yelled at Ritz bacchpana and left his painting as it is and  went out of house. As he comes down the staircase he pushes his little daughter down that causes injury in her leg. Once after reaching the ground floor of the building he sees his daughter fallen down near the staircase he immediately rushes her to a nearby nursing home but Ritz's daughter did not like him as Ryan got into another with her mother. Few days later when Ritz requested her daughter to forgive her husband Ryan's mistake she happily does it and enjoy life to fullest with a protective shield around her i.e. her father  
Still after 20 years the guilt of having hurt his daughter just because of his uncontrollable temper still eats him up though his daughter has forgiven him for this mistake over and over. That makes Ritz very proud of daughter and the way in which she has brought her up (Parverish)

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Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Wordy Wednesday #3- June 2015

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Venky yaar what is your problem ?Shikha enquires .Look at this ...Venky showed a piece which says that Shikha won the first prize in debate competition  .Shikha looks closes and bushes at him  but Venky stared at her and said "Do not be so happy that it will lead to guilt consciousness." Oh come on Venky it is just the respected judges unanimous decision  as I have performed well in  the debate competition which had an very wonderful topic Love Vs Arrange Marriages and because I believe in love marriage  I won !Shikha exclaimed and went downstairs to share this happy news with her friends which  he did not like it. As he knows that Ash purposefully lost the competition only make Shikha the not so spirited women win only because she believed that the world is small place and during the brief time on this earth .She wants to make others happy and earn brownie points i.e. His love. That makes Venky happy.

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