Friday, 31 July 2015

Tales of N & V Part Two

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' na 'Preeti and Pushkari pleaded their father V to open the gift. V smiling opened it in front of them  .To N's  utter shock the box contained two beautiful hearts with a lock .'Nice gift children 'V said giving his wife N a confused look.

After gifting him Preeti and Pushkari along with V and N go  to the jogger's park for walk .As they entered the park they are  shocked by the surprise welcome by the young and old group. Immediately V and N gives them 'jalebi' and 'fafda' which Preeti and Pushkari brings in   for them to have it  in return to their sweet gesture .

Later on after congratulating N& V the members of the young and old group disappear .But something is going on in  Preeti's  and Pushkari's  mind that which Namarata and Vikram could read.While walking around the jogger's park  "What happen kids ?"N& V enquire.

Ma and Pa if you have not told  anyone about your  25th  wedding anniversary then .... how did  members of the young and old group come to know ? Preeti and Pushkari chorused unanimously .'Dearies I myself is surprise 'V said with lot of amusement in his voice.
Hello sir Good Morning ! Shanty says with a wink as she  passes by them .   

This irritates him at lot .Preeti and Pushkari's face drops down and becomes pale . They immediately run out of  the jogger's park with the tears flowing down their cheeks profusely .

V stop them by saying "P2 your father loves you both a lot so no more crying betas ".Hmm N says we shall surpass this situation  too. 
You both know your father looks  handsome even at age of  60 so anyone who is half of his age easily can  have crush on him.

Look Pa we do not want see or view such kinds of happening in this  park .You know why ?Preeti and Pushkari enquired looking tenderly at their father .

Yes I know he says and hugs them tightly 

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Thursday, 30 July 2015

Wordless Wednesday #92Hosted By Abracadabra

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This canvas  painting which  I brought from my recent visit  to Kerala was lying inside my self for months Prior to my brother visit from U.S.A. I painted it ....Looks Beautiful no.

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Wordy Wednesday #4 POWERED BY B-A-R

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Pops look at this lock which mom used to lock the house with .
Vedanta laughed out loud when he looks at the thing pointed out to him.Staring at him Mallika retorts " What is so funny about it ".
Hearing these words from his daughter dear.He looks at his son who is sleeping on his shoulder.....

"Beta do not do the same mistake I did"Vedanta says as  he unlocks the door .
Mallika does not understand anything from this and she goes to play down to play by placing the key pad on the table. 

Vedanta puts his son in his cradle and Cry's in front of his wife who is lying helplessly like a vegetable all because of her brothers who have hurt her just because of they being  powerful in all respects and he too joined them in that  which used to give him immense pleasure then.

But only after his son Mohan was born and later on the accidents that happen in their lives which tears their life apart  he unlocks the door of his past only to throw them in trash. As he realized the true meaning of life and love.

That night when he sleep with son in between them he finds  his wife hands 
miraculously fall on them making him smile with contentment .

Later on he realizes that by unlocking the past and putting it in trash is the best way to lead a healthy and happy life.


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Monday, 27 July 2015

Tales of N and V Part One

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N....please haan. 'How we are going to  tell our  love story to our daughters on our 25th wedding anniversary which is fast approaching  'V question N  having a worried look on his face .

Hmm look here she said coming close to him. N kisses V.This fares up their passion Namarata.....Vikram  says seductively. Kissing with  his mouth wide open and inhaling her sweet breath emitting from her clove shallowed mouth .

N immediately pulls V's  head and lays herself down on their bed.This bedroom has witnessed so many emotions ranging   from their  childish behaviour   to heartlessness . It never gave them  a second chance like this  before  . 
But today it has given them a new responsibility which has to be fulfilled in the given period of time as they are parents of two beautiful maidens who have promised them that they would marry the person of their choice after listening to N and V tales of love .

"V.... What kind of a story are we going to create because our tale of love is only tale of heart aches?" N said exasperatedly as she brings his face  down to  level it with  her face .

V reminds silent for sometime and squeezes her body to his by lifting her butt .The pressure of his body made N realize this  fact that V is going to tell the true story of their  love marriage but she wanted  him to tell her regarding this in his dam sexy yet a sinful voice.

" V dear you should speak to me regarding this as I love your voice you see" N said teasingly  .

Yeah dear but you know walls have ears so I did give you a lovely squeeze in my style to communicate and send a  message to you  in this regard he says by giving her good night kiss and eventually  turned on to his side of the bed ..N smiled at herself and slept cuddling his  back with a thought that how Vikram reads her thoughts with ease and makes her feel so special even after the way their families hurt them by calling them with such   names that hurt her heart to large extent .

Morning dawned by sunlight coming inside  and kissing their face.N and V who were cuddling each other under the quilts are disturbed by their daughters Preeti and Pushkari and their request to keep a story telling session this evening in order to ease the tension off their lives  . 

In wonderment N and V get up from the bed after hearing this and stare at each other as if their daughter Preeti and Pushkari have found out something about their love marriage.So in order to get an clear idea of what's going on in their  minds .Namarata and Vikram did plan something and  frowned at them by saying "Your both have become  too smart haan  and so due to this you went to your big Dadi 's house to listen to our love tale ".

"No we did not go to Dadi 's or any other person's house to hear your story as they have hurt this family several times" They chorused .

Then why did you say that you want to have a story telling session hmm?.N and V enquired.

Laughing at their quizzical expression that which were imprinted on their faces .Preeti and Pushkari  said "It is  just that dad we wanted to give you a sweet and shocking surprise".

Aha ha .... I  know about you both Vikram  said winking at his wife Namarata who was  engrossed in watching the beautiful bond brewing  between  V and his daughters .

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Saturday, 25 July 2015

Siddhartha --The Intelligent Rag Picker

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Siddhartha is a rag picker .He openly wonders why he is going such a menial task and sees a car passing by muddy pond and that splashed muddy water on him. 'Oye' he shouts.
Bulbul his girlfriend laughs at him .Picking a crush coke tin she says  " Siddhartha  you being intelligent how you can lose anger over these small petty things that happen to us daily  as you have accepted you are not born with a silver spoon".'Yeah Yeah I know so they can do anything they wish  I suppose 'he said to Bulbul giving her cocky look by coming close to her .This makes Bulbul lose her control and she ends up falling on him. Oh Babu side please! Someone from behind exclaims .Turning towards the voice before he mutter a curse he sees the owner of the car. "Good Morning Saab "Siddhartha greets him as he sees the owner coming out of the car. He quickly gets up and starts picking the crashed coke tin, the wine bottle, top of thumbs up bottle and a packet of chapattis lying around the car and fills them in his big black bag. Swinging around his shoulder he is about to leave at that very moment the car owner calls him again Oh Babu listen toh!.

Siddhartha gets irritated he turns around and barks a question at "Ab Kya hai?"Child come here I have got some more rag for you .Immediately Siddhartha runs towards him and open his big black bag to fill with the car owner 's rag. As he started filling it with the car owner's rag he sees some toys and some book along with it .Slowly with his misted eyes he looks at the car owner and says "Sir how come you know my taste?"Hmm because my daughter Sheena knows about your likes and dislikes and yesterday my daughter overheard your conversation. Oh I see your Sheena Didi's father Mr. Sameer Shah .Namaste sir my name Siddhartha and ......he stammered to say what he was.
Laughing at the boy Mr. Sameer Shah said "Siddhartha my child do your job well and  study well "These books of Sheena Didi will not only educate you but also will help you get a professional degree. But you should do both the things with honesty .O.k. sir bye see you soon Siddhartha said and went home with Bulbul waiting for him at the entrance of the rag depositing centre .He sees Bulbul and smiles at her .Sorting all the rags he looks at his girlfriend Bulbul with twinkle in eyes and says "Bulbul you know Sheena Didi is best Didi as she understands my aptitude so today onwards I would study in night like other in this centre do "What do think of it?.He asks with a cheer in his voice
"Do do as if you are going to do something big" Bulbul says with a smirk .Hearing her words his heart breaks  and he goes away to another area far away from Bulbul as he could she turning into a chorni.
Next day before he leaves the area he picks the half eaten, half baked, empty bottle rags from the area where Sheena Didi lives. While picking up the rags Sheena who climbs down the stair case and towards her car forces him to make a promise that he would not go astray."Didi I will never do wrong things in life that will taint my beautiful name Siddhartha which my unfortunate mother has kept for me "He says and leaves that area forever by his rags of the day in the rag depositing centre.

Today Siddhartha has become local guide for foreign tourists by doing his job of picking the rag off the streets .The knowledge and reading has brought to this level he smiles at himself and thanks his stars for giving an elder sister here as he finds his elder sister in Sheena Didi.

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda. 

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Friday, 24 July 2015

Wordless Wednesday #91 @ Abracadabra

A  rain drops on the flower and makes it settle down on the leaf,

This picture captured my heart,

As it is so beautifying to see natural's play with colours .

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Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Ria's passionate Love encounter

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It is Christmas time Raj and Ria are walking towards the snow clad streets .Suddenly on reaching the snow clad streets Raj turns his face towards Ria and kisses her lips like it is some kind apple with his tongue inside her mouth.
Ria pulled his head towards her and kissed him passionately with her mouth wide open with her tongue snaking inside his mouth. Their tongues and breath mingled. Heat fared up between them bodily reacted enthusiastically. Her fingers unbutton Raj's over coat jacket and shirt .Raj groaned out aloud and Raj manfully lifted her with glint in his eyes he says "Baby Raat Abhi Bakhi Hai .This endearing words made her feel mushy and she whispered softy into his eyes "Waiting for tonight dear". He laughed aloud as he unlocked his pent house which is located near NYU...Once they entered the house they cooked a light dinner for themselves. After having their little dinner of roti - sabzi and cleaning the vessels. While they are busy with this activity it is only at that time Ria sees Rebecca and Raj's  happy ever after kind of photo hanging up on the opposite wall  of  the kitchen counter .Seeing the ever smiling Raj in the  picture she feel a knot in her tummy .Even though Rebecca is no more in this world Ria's feels little awkward .Before she could speak regarding this to  Raj .Raj who had been observing her face and her changing expressions said "My dear Ria  Rebecca is my past and will be my past forever  but ...I have only one regret of hurting you..You are such kind hearted yet quarrelsome women who will go to such a depth to protect  her best friends and their families respect .This fact about you even though I knew then .I could not care a dam  for you because I had deep feeling of love for you.."Hearing these words she could not believe her eyes as Raj was not the person who would bare his soul out for people like her.

Slowly and Steadily Raj makes Ria feel comfortable by leaving her alone .He went and sleeps in the guest room only to find Ria's soft fingers moving around his head...He turns around and switches on the table lamp  which is kept on the side table . What Raj finds in Ria's eyes is  the naked want  or desire and this made her  look vulnerable in her baby pink night lingerie .He makes her sleep on the bed  and with slow deliberation he removes each and everything  that  Ria wore . From the hair clip which held her hand to the toe ring which she had worn. When  everything is removed and that  touched  Raj's warm skin  .Ria moaned and welcome him with her opened arms as today is their 10th wedding anniversary which they are celebrating like their 'Suhaag Raat'  after living  like  strangers for 8  long years  .

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Sunday, 19 July 2015

Tia's wish powered by #100 words on Saturday @Write

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Success first then happiness

Tia  thought for sometime on  what to write on this topic   .But she could find any answer to it . She just looked at her mother who is every happy with whatever she has as according to her mother  happiness leads to success which Tia has not yet tasted success like her cousins did . They all had got good grades, well paying jobs and loving soul mates.  Tia frown at herself and wished she would taste success like her cousins did as she firmly believes in Success first then happiness which is quiet correct as   she  would gain self respect and confidence .But the values imbibed in her by her mother did not  give way to such wrong notions as secretly she believed in happiness first then success would follow.

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Friday, 17 July 2015

Wordless Wednesday #90 @ Abracadabra

A bouquet  full of sunflowers brought for brother as a gift on my brother arrival on the Indian shores after 2 years .
The picture is not that clear but has a soul in it .

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In Conversation with S.R.Mallery Author of Sewing Can be Dangerous

Welcome to my blog y'all .Today guest on my blog is S.R.Mallery Author of Sewing can be Dangerous. Today she will talk about her hobbies, her books and favourite authors.

1) Have you ever thought of writing a children’s book?

Not really, although I really admire authors who do. When my children were little, I belonged to a children’s book club, and together we read (well, I read, they oohed and aahed) some great, beautifully illustrated books. One of my favorites was a pint-sized work entitled, “Five Minutes Peace,” by Jill Murphy, all about a mommy elephant who just wanted to be left alone for F I V E  minutes, for goodness sake! Charming, well-drawn illustrations even showed the poor mama elephant at one point in the bathtub––with a shower cap on, of course––as her mastodon kids climbed in there with her.  It was aDORable!

2) What are the qualities of a good writer?

To me a good writer should pull the reader in, no matter the genre.  I have read beautiful, poetically written prose that bored me after a while, as well as very well written best sellers, whose characters were totally unlikeable. I’ve also read books with less than great prose, but which grabbed my attention and kept the pages turning. I’ve come to realize that the more I read, the more my idea of a ‘good’ writer will forever be developing as I come across different authors and their stories.

3) What inspired you to bring out such wonderful stories?

First of all, much thanks for the lovely adjective, ‘wonderful’!

The saga of how I came to write these stories is this: When my father told me about the infamous Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire of 1911, I had already been a quilt designer/teacher for over twenty years.  So, in doing my research on that horrific event, I was particularly drawn to those hapless immigrant seamstresses who, in spite of their overworked hours and low pay, were often the only ones in their families that could find work in the U.S.  I also enjoyed thinking about the sewing aspect, surrounded as I was by so many quilts and fabrics in my studio.  I therefore decided to continue writing short stories, connected only by one element of sewing/crafts. That actually helped focus me on future stories.  In other words, no matter what time period I was reading about, that context kept me asking questions like, how would sewing/crafting ‘fit’ into a story that takes place in this time frame? Who would be the likely characters?

4) What is your favorite time past?

I am interested in many different past periods, such as the French Revolution, the Russian Revolution, the kings and queens of England, WWI and WWII, Greek Mythology, etc.  But I’m particularly drawn to U.S. history and all facets of it––from its earliest beginnings up through the volatile 60’s and 70’s. In fact, my novel, UNEXPECTED GIFTS, features various time frames from America during the 20th century.

5) Who are your favorite authors?

There are so many on my favorite list, but I’ll relate only the ones I read growing up that must have left an imprint: Harper Lee, Dodie Smith, DeMaupassant, O.Henry, Betty Smith, Alexandre Dumas, Louisa May Alcott, Margaret Mitchell, Mary Stewart, and Victoria Holt.

Book Review of Sewing Can be Dangerous

Book Review: Sewing Can be Dangerous is a well written by S.R.Mallery. There are eight stories in this book .Every story is  sewed very well and set  in an appropriate order.The base of all these stories is 'The Quilt' .The stories varies from the sewing factory to murder  because of the quilt .The speciality of these quilts is that all these quilts are sewed having codes for freedom from slavery , past life and death .

Sewing can be Dangerous is a brilliant book to read.Each story has a unique emotions and tale.
What I like about this book is all the stories are entertaining and arranged in  such a way that you will not loose  thread of what next is going to happen?.

Sewing can be Dangerous  by SR. Mallery is recommended read to all the book lovers .I received this book as a review copy from author herself.
Thank you Nikita and Njkinny Tours and Promotion for the same.
Tour Schedule
Welcome to my stop on the Blog Tour of Sewing Can Be Dangerous And Other Small Threads by S.R Mallery. This is a collection of 11 short stories. Featuring stories from genres like mystery, history, romance and action, this anthology has been highly rated by readers all over the world and has 4.8 out of 5 rating on Goodreads. 

And I am so excited to share this book on my blog today. Also, Sewing Can Be Dangerous And Other Small Threads by S.R Mallery is only 99c/Rs. 63 from a limited time! 

~About the Book~

 #BlogTourAnnouncement and #Signup: Sewing Can Be Dangerous and Other Small Threads by S.R. Mallery {16-19 July}
Title and Author: Sewing Can Be Dangerous And Other Small Threads by S.R Mallery
No. of Pages: 276
Publication Date: December 2013
Genre: Historical Fiction, Anthology, Short Stories, Romance, Mystery, Action


The eleven long short stories in "Sewing Can Be Dangerous and Other Small Threads" combine history, mystery, action and/or romance, and range from drug trafficking using Guatemalan hand-woven wallets, to an Antebellum U.S. slave using codes in her quilts as a message system to freedom; from an ex-journalist and her Hopi Indian maid solving a cold case together involving Katchina spirits, to a couple hiding Christian passports in a comforter in Nazi Germany; from a wedding quilt curse dating back to the Salem Witchcraft Trials, to a mystery involving a young seamstress in the infamous Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire; from a 1980’s Romeo and Juliet romance between a rising Wall Street financial ‘star’ and an eclectic fiber artist, to a Haight-Asbury love affair between a professor and a beautiful macramĂ© artist gone horribly askew, just to name a few.

 Add to Goodreads: Sewing Can Be Dangerous and Other Small Threads by S.R Mallery


An Excerpt from Sewing Can Be Dangerous & Other Small Threads

From A Drunkard’s Path

 “....Are you kidding me?” Deborah exploded. “My life is falling apart! C’mon, curses don’t really happen, do they? I mean, what can I do? You tell me now!” She segued into a screech.
“Come over to my place tomorrow and I’ll try to relate it all to you, I promise…”

….“Do you know anything about the Salem Witchcraft trials?” The older woman leaned in toward her niece, as if casting a spell herself.
“No, not much, why?”
“You remember Martha Stinson from my quilt group? Well after the wedding, she showed me a journal written by a relative of hers and frankly, I am very concerned about you. It seems one of the accused witches from the original Salem trials might have actually had a connection with a real witch, an ancestor of Martha’s…”

* * * *
Inside the packed meetinghouse, dust particles from mud-caked boots floated throughout the air, rendering it dense, murky. That year, April had been an unkind month to Salem Village. Rain-drenched meadows produced a sludge that clung to the edges of women’s dresses, creating odors so foul that in such tight quarters, it became difficult to breathe. But people weren’t concerned with such matters on this day. They had gathered for a higher purpose: the Devil was in Salem, and they wished him thwarted at all costs. Even the constant threat of Indian attacks and surviving harsh winters paled in comparison to what was happening now, in that room, swelling with apprehension.
Crammed into high-walled pews, dark wooden benches, or simply shoved up against walls, spectators filled every conceivable space in the meetinghouse. Donning black hats, cloaks, and breeches, the men angled forward, their eyes boring holes into the five men sitting up front, yet it was the women who carried the greatest burden that day; their hooded coats and muffs covering their recently unkempt hair and unwashed fingernails, couldn’t disguise the uncertainty they felt about their community’s loyalty to them and how it would all end.
Sitting at the head of the counsel table, amongst other magistrates in the newly appointed Court of Oyer and Terminer, John Hathorne and Jonathan Corwin quietly conferred with each other before beginning their first round of questioning. Arrogant, self-important, the black-robed magistrates assumed their positions on the political totem pole, and having been brought to Salem for such a specific purpose, they dared not disappoint. They were on a mission to deliver souls. Hathorne, displaying the greatest exhibition of self-aggrandizement, seemed the most severe. With no real legal experience, and having only glanced at Sir Mathew Hale’s Trial of Witches, and Joseph Granvill’s Collection of Sundry Trials in England, Ireland the week before, he nonetheless believed he was more than competent to interrogate the accused.
At the front of the room facing the magistrates, sat all the accusers, the “afflicted” girls: Abigail Williams, her cousin Betty Parris, Ann Putnam, Sarah Bibber, Sarah Churchill, Elizabeth Booth, Mercy Lewis, Susanna Sheldon, Jemima Rea, Mary Warren, Mary Walcott and Elizabeth Hubbard. With downcast eyes and folded hands, they appeared demure; inwardly they were experiencing emotions quite different from anything they had ever known. Childhoods stocked with adult repression and fear now served as a springboard to the frenzy of accusations they had created, because on this day, along with their catharsis and even exhilaration, came the most important emotion of all: a sense of empowerment. At last, they were getting adults to listen to them, and it was intoxicating.
John Hathorne commenced with the proceedings. “Bring in the accused, Bridget Bishop….” 

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~Meet the Author~

S.R. Mallery has worn various hats in her life. First, a classical/pop singer/composer, she moved on to the professional world of production art and calligraphy.?Next came a long career as an award winning quilt artist/teacher and an ESL/Reading instructor. Her short stories have been published in descant 2008, Snowy Egret, Transcendent Visions, The Storyteller, and Down In the Dirt.

Twitter:  @SarahMallery1
Pinterest:  (I have some good history boards that are getting a lot of attention—history, vintage clothing, older films)
Amazon Author page:


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Wordy Wednesday #3 and Blogging Tip- July 2015

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What's cooking,
Sushi sees through  the key hole of her office ,
As people were standing in circle,
Chirping like birds in the forest,
When she comes out  everyone disperse like seeds of cotton buds,
Unaware of what's cooking around  she approaches her boss,
Her boss the majestic  king of empire  smiles at her wicked,
Feeling bog down she leaves the office in an lighting speed,
Dashing her head against the glass door she frowns at the man who is standing on the other side,
Holding a kuttori of gajar ka halwa in his hands he pulls the glass door and says "Madam accept this letter ",
As this holds my and company's future .

So this is what 's the cooking syndrome Sushi teased him as she accepted his proposal.


With Lots of Love and Hugs 

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