Saturday, 14 November 2015

Wordless Wednesday #107 @Abracadabra

I  love this picture made by TBC  for 'Metro Diaries ' by Namarata .Because of the following reasons 

  • The image looks quiet soothing to our eyes .
  • This image also expresses true love as it contain a rose , a musical note and a novel .
  • Actually this is  what a mixture  of  true love mean  isn't it :-) .
Happy Diwali to all !

With lots of Love and Hugs 
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  1. Love is a universal language :)

    Hope your Diwali celebration was a good one, Ash.

    Pleasure to have you on board!

    1. Very true Ruchira :-) .Yes my family and me had a great diwali :-).
      Thanks for stopping by .
      Have a great day ahead ! .
      Feels nice to be part of Wordless Wednesdays .
      Hugs <3


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